Louver Installation Services

Padovani Roofing and Construction provides professional louver installation services in New Jersey and Tri State area.

A louver is a ventilation product that allows air to pass through it while protecting its contents from unwanted elements such as dirt, debris, or water. The blade mounting,  the space between each blade and various mounting styles can help provide the functionality that you may require.

Once all the various concerns are addressed for what you may need we, with the assistance of our architect and design team, can provide you with the louver screens customized to your asking.

These cages can be made in various ways. Fixed vents for attic space or ventilation in a large warehouse setting, removable screens that surround rooftop air conditioning units so that they can be worked on easily, or even remote ones that can be open and closed based on weather conditions.

This page gives you a few examples but feel free to call us to determine what we can do to assist you.